Sun Chlorella Powder

Sun Chlorella Powder helps to support your entire body’s health, especially your gut and immune system*.

Its fine consistency makes Sun Chlorella Powder easy to incorporate into any drink, meal, or recipe. Plus, it contains double the chlorella (6g) per serving compared to our Sun Chlorella tablets (3g), making it an ideal source for your nutrient needs.

Our Sun Chlorella Powder is the first and only chlorella brand to be NSF Certified for Sport® and Informed Sport Certified in the U.S. This means that the Sun Chlorella Powder must go through a rigorous process that tests and inspects the products for banned substances. We are the trusted brand of prominent professional sports athletes for support with immune health and peak performance!*

Sun Chlorella Powder packet is perfect for travel or on the go, so you can easily stay on top of your health game with the chlorella wherever you go!

Chlorella is a single-celled, freshwater green algae often referred to as The King of Superfoods! Sun Chlorella Powder is packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), and more chlorophyll per serving than alfalfa, wheatgrass, spirulina.


  • Supports your body’s natural defense system*
  • Boost oxygen uptake*
  • Improves endurance capacity*
  • Antioxidant power*
  • Supports digestive system*


  • Active B12: One of the only known plant sources of bio-available B12– Vegans and vegetarians rejoice!
  • Chlorophyll: More chlorophyll than any food on earth. One serving of chlorella powder (6 g) contains an equivalent amount of chlorophyll as about 2-2.5 cups of spinach or kale.
  • Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF): Only found in chlorella, CGF helps support your body’s cellular repair and revitalization process*. Because cells are the foundation for all of your body’s functions and needs, you are only as healthy as your cells are!
  • Best-selling supplement: Chlorella is one of the best-selling health supplements in Japan.
  • +More

The chart below provides directions on how to start taking Sun Chlorella.

As mentioned above, chlorella contains more chlorophyll than any plant food on earth. If you are not used to having plenty of greens in your daily diet, we recommend that you follow the directions below when starting off with chlorella.

The finest consistency powder can be easily incorporated into any drink or recipe. Available in a box of 30 individual serving packets (6 grams each).
1st Week: 1/3 packet/day
2nd Week: 2/3 packet/day
3rd Week: 1 packet/day

Sun Chlorella To Help Build Natural Defenses
“I highly recommend that you try Sun Chlorella and take it every day. It gives you what you’re probably missing from your diet and other supplements. Sun Chlorella, pulverized cell wall by DYNO-Mill, is the best product available among chlorella brands.”

Mark Drucker, M.D.
Co-Founder and Medical Director
The Center for Advanced Medicine, Encinitas, California